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Greyhound Retirement Foundation of Tennessee wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.


Twirl is a retired racing Greyhound that was 6 years old December 12, 2023.
Twirl is our little miracle girl.   

Once Twirl arrived in foster care our vet suggested she go to the Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital where we were given little hope she would make a full recovery. 

With the dedication of Twirl's foster dad and  the reassurance that GRFT would do anything needed to help Twirl.  

After a long while Twirl was finally released but the fight wasn't over.  She wouldn't eat and has lost so much weight her foster dad was on board to try every suggestion and in addition to puppy food he added lots of different toppers until he finally found an answer but she would quickly get tired of everything.

To make a long story shortened through the love and patience, some donations from our GRFT family and friends we were able to continue with Twirl's care and after many months and checkups she got well and of course her foster dad adopted her.

Fostered By: James

Location:  Knoxville, TN​

Small Dog Tolerant:   Yes

Cat Tolerant:  N/A​

Status:  ADOPTED



Red as this handsome boy has been called with cute expressions with his eyes.    He  was born March  7, 2020r and raced 113 races at 76 pounds.   

Red had a fun outing today. A visit with other greys. a kitty and smaller pup.  Red is currently being fostered with 2 female greys and a male grey.

Red loves toys and treats. He is always ready for meal time. Red is doing wonderful with house manners.


Red loves attention and I would call him a Velcro dog.  He is handsome and super sweet and seems to be very attentive to small kids.

His small dog cat testing went ok but we feel his excitement for the felines maybe a little much for comfort and small dogs will likely depend on the small dog.


With what we are seeing he will need to be in a home with no kitties and small dogs are questionable.  We feel he would do fine with bigger dogs and definitely other greys.

Foster:  Samantha and David

Location:  Tri Cities

Small Dog Tolerant:  Workable

Cat Tolerant:  No

Status:  Available

Oshkosh Galant.jpg


Silver's is a very handsome brindle boy. 

He was born April 5, 2021 and weighs

approximately  77 pounds.

Silver has completed his required medical work

and is learning about retirement, living in a home

different routines, sleeping habits, potty manners

and  family rules.

Silver is a sweet, gentle natured boy who is quiet

unless he needs something.  He has done well

with small dogs and children while testing

cat workable with supervision.


Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

Cat Tolerant:  Workable

Fostered By:  Mike and Randal in Tri Citie


A Big Girl.jpg

         ON THE CASE 

Girlie as she has been called in Australia is a beautiful black girl as you can see in the picture was born June 5, 2021.
 has completed her required medical work and is learning about retirement, living in a home, different routines, sleeping habits, potty manners, and  family rules.  Girlie is a sweet, gentle natured girl who is quiet unless she needs something.  She has done well with other Greyhounds but has not met small dogs.  She is not cat tolerant.  

Small Dog Friendly  NA
Cat Tolerant   NO
Foster:   James in Knoxville



Aussie Luucy.jpg




Lucy was born May 2, 2022. She is a beautiful 60ish pound black girl.
Lucy has completed all her required medical procedures and can now look for her own loving family.  She is currently living in foster care with Greyhounds but has experience with small dogs .  She is doing okay with potty habits, retirement routine, living in a family.  She 
sleeps through the night and is working on steps.
Lucy is sweet, happy and friendly.  

Cat Tolerant:   No
Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

Fostered by:  Merideth and Allison​
Location:  Chattanooga, TN

Status:  Adoption Pending


AUSSI  Stace2.jpg


Meet Stace, as she is being called in her foster home.  She is a very beautiful shinny black girl.   She was born August 28, 2022. 


She has completed her medical requirements and is adjusting to a foster home, learning to relax in retirement.   ​Can you imagine what she is thinking about her new life and where are her friends.  The racers get attached to their trainers and kennel help.  She must be wondering what retirement will be like?  ​Stace is working on steps, routine and house manners, loves to eat, a very sweet puppy.  She wants to be with her people, gives kisses, and has learned at-at when she pulls a blanket off the chair, picks up a shoe or puts her front feet on the counter.    She seems to love kids but might knock a toddler down with her enthusiasm.

She will make a wonderful family companion.  

​Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

Cat Tolerant:  ​ No on first test.

Fosters: Janis and Mike

Location:  Knoxville, TN​

Status:  ADOPTED

Aussie Paddy.jpg


Paddy as  he has been called is a beautiful shinny black boy.   

He was born November 29, 2018. 

Paddy has completed all his vet requirements.  He is

learning all about  retirement, house manners, strange

noises, raised dishes, doggie beds, and everything 

associated with becoming a family pet. 

He is a social, outgoing, playful and curious boy with

a big smile.   

Paddy's tail was amputated due to happy tail.


Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

Cat Tolerant:  Yes

Fostered By:  Dawn and Rob

Location:    Chattanooga

Status:  ADOPTED

Aussi Teddy.jpg


  Teddy is a handsome Brindle boy whose birthday is

   January 3, 2020. 

   Teddy has completed all of his required medical procedures and 

i   is learning all about retirement, routine changes, sleeping habits, 

    working on house manners and living in a family home.

    Teddy will tell us more as he settles in.

        Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

        Cat Tolerant:   Yes

         Fostered By:  Kimmie

         Location in Knoxville     

         Status:   ADOPTED

Aussie Marshal.jpeg


Marshall is still a baby.  He was born August 1, 2022.  He is a handsome red and white boy..

Marshall has completed his required medical procedures and is looking for his own loving family. He is learning about retirement, a new routine, house manners and doggy beds.

Cat Tolerant:   Yes
Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

Fostered by:  Rachel and Carlen
Location:  Knoxville, TN

Status:  Adoption Pending


Barley as this handsome boy has been called was born May 22, 2019.  he weighs 72 pounds.

Barley has completed all of his medical procedures

and is ready to learn all about retirement.  He is

being fostered with other Greyhounds and a cat.  He tested small dog tolerant.  

Barley is learning all about retirement and new routines, house manners, strange noises and accents.  He is happy go lucky and eager to become your best friend.

Fostered By: Rachael

 Location:      Knoxville        

Small Dog Tolerant:   Yes

Cat Tolerant:  Yes

Status:   ADOPTED


Meet one of the new kids. This is FF Trigger. We are calling him Cowboy Trigger. Bc the obvious he is a cow dog

He is sooo very sweet and Loves to play and Loves people. But he really LOVES Food.

He is playful and just one of the happiest greyhounds.

His vetting is complete and he is resting in foster care.  He is doing very well with adjusting to retirement.  He passed his kitty test and was kitty workable and hasn’t been around small dogs much    Trig is available for adoptions.

Small Dog Tolerant:  TB.

Cat Tolerant:   NO

Fostered By:  Samatha and David

Location:        Tri Cities

Statis:   ADOPTED



Lance is 9 years old and from what we have been told he is a super good boy.  


Lance is being returned due to a family matter of relocation and unable to take him with them.  As we get to know him more we'll update information. 


Small Dog Tolerant:  Yes

Cat Tolerant:    Yes

Foster:  Sonja 

Location:  Chattanooga area

Status:  ADOPTED


Bridget is a very active and curious 2.5 year old. She ran several races and won a few. She is very loving and loves attention and to snuggle with her human.  She gets along greyt with the resident greyhounds.  She is currently a little too excitable to leave unattended with our small boy (chi mix) but she is workable and is doing better.  At this time she is probably too active and curious to be cat safe. Bridget loves to play. I think she would be good with older children. She is going to be an awesome addition to an active home.

Fostered by: Tim and Gene in Tri Cities

Small Dog Tolerant:  TBD

Cat Tolerant:    TBD

Status:  ADOPTED



This is Ella as she was called during her race career.  She is a beautiful brindle girl.  Her birth date is December 25, 2020.   


Ella has now completed her required medical procedures and learning about retirement. She is sooo sweet. She is learning all her house manners and a new routine. She loves people, attention and playtime.


Ella is looking for a her home to call her own.

Fostered:  Chelsea and Brian

Location:   Knoxville

Small Dog Tolerant:   Yes

Cat Tolerant:    Workable

Status:  ADOPTED


Sparky just recently came into foster care and has been working on his retirement skills.  He is a handsome 2 year old black boy.  As Sparky continues to work on house manners we will continue to update his progress. 

Fostered BY:  Nancy in Knoxville

Small Dog Tolerant;:

Cat Tolerant:

Location:  Knoxville

​Status:  ADOPTED 

Dog Treats in Bowl

Coming Soon

Additional retirees on the way.

Fostered by: 

Small Dog Tolerant:  

Cat Tolerant:  


Dog Treats in Bowl

Coming Soon

Additional retirees on the way.

Fostered by: 

Small Dog Tolerant:  

Cat Tolerant:  


Dog Treats in Bowl

Coming Soon

Additional retirees on the way.

Fostered by: 

Small Dog Tolerant:  

Cat Tolerant:  



Meet the fosters

Chattanooga M&G at Petsmart in Chattanooga at 11:00 until 12:30.  Date to be determined.

Knoxville M&G at PetSmart on Morrell Road from 12:00 - 2:00.
Meet & Greets are held in Knoxville the 2nd Saturday of each month

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